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Workmanship and Quality

We specialise in all aspects of UPVC spray painting. We’ve been spray painting UPVC doors for more than 20 years. We’re a well-established and widely recommended business in our industry with over one thousand happy customers. Our investment in the best kit ensures we continue to outperform the competition. Our service is also the best. It’s efficient and competitively priced. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and courteousness. You will find us extremely accommodating of your needs and we’ll go the extra mile for a thorough job.
Our knowledge is also second to none, which means we can transform your UPVC no matter its condition. Bespoke UPVC was founded on the belief that quality workmanship matters above everything else. We still believe that to this day. We know how important it is for your property in Dubai to look its best. Rest assured that after we have completed our spray painting work, your property will look amazing.
We can guarantee the quality of our work and your complete satisfaction because we always take the time to do a thorough job. We will take more time if we have to and make sure that whatever we paint looks as good as new.
Dubai is an incredibly hot city and the most populous in the United Arab Emirates. These conditions are no problem for our team. Because we work outdoors, we take our safety and health very seriously. Rest assured we will take precautions.

How long does a painted UPVC finish last in Dubai?

Dubai has a desert climate that’s extremely hot. The average high in August is 43°C (109 °F) and a temperature above 35°C (95°F) is normal.

UPVC expands in heat so any painted finish has to be flexible. The paints we use are formulated to hold up in extremely high temperatures and under direct sunlight. They are solvent-based and made for us in Europe.

Our UPVC paints are UV-resistant and last a minimum of 10-years and we provide a 10-year company guarantee to back this up. This means we expect your painted UPVC to look as good as new 10-years from now, even in Dubai’s hot climate.

We paint old and new UPVC. Our paints provide a protective barrier from UV light, helping to protect your UPVC from fading over time.   


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Should I spray or replace my UPVC or aluminium?

If there is nothing structurally wrong with your UPVC or aluminium in Dubai, replacing it would be a waste of money and bad for the environment.

It is more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly to choose spray painting. Spray painting uses your existing material and gives it a new lease of life. We can spray paint your aluminium or UPVC any colour with a glossy, satin or matte finish.

The quality of our work is so good that it will be impossible to tell that your UPVC or aluminium frames have been painted. They will appear to be brand-new and fresh from the factory. Our work is flawless and has a 10-year guarantee.

Dubai has several good contractors who can replace your UPVC or aluminium but there is no need to enlist them when you can choose painting instead.

For spray painting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, please get in touch. We’re here to provide a professional and efficient service. 

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Our Training

We are highly trained professionals. Bespoke UPVC invests a considerable sum in the training of its workforce. All our qualified technicians undergo extensive training, with many of our people having worked in the spray painting industry for several years before working for us.

Before a technician works on customer projects, they must first undergo a 2 week training course designed by our own technicians. The training course teaches our technicians how to spray UPVC and other surfaces to a high standard.

However, this is only the beginning of a technician’s journey to working for us. After the initial training, a junior technician has to shadow a qualified technician for another 2 weeks, learning how to deal with customers and paint properly.

The training our workforce undergoes is more extensive than the competition. 

We are committed to providing the highest-quality UPVC spraying service in Dubai, and our higher standard of training forms a key part of this. All UPVC spray painting services in Dubai are overseen by Antoine Walton, our master technician and company director. We have a team of over a dozen technicians, enabling us to work on projects of any size or scale.

We service Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & UAE. The weather is no problem for us, and we are trained for health and safety in the United Kingdom.

We have a base in Dubai so we can provide quotes quickly. This is an important aspect of our service that competitors do not offer.

As a professional onsite spraying company, you can expect the highest-quality work from our technicians. We spray UPVC, composites, plastics, aluminium and other metals, with an efficient and timely service. Get in touch for a quote.

10 Reasons to Choose Our Onsite Dubai Spraying Service

If you’re still undecided about choosing us for your Dubai spray painting project, here are 10 good reasons to choose us:

  • We’re a British company with British engineers
  • We have a base out in Dubai so we’re good to go
  • No project is too big
  • Dubai’s heat is no problem for us
  • We have over a decade’s experience
  • We have hundreds of happy customers
  • We have worked and holidayed in Dubai for years
  • All quotes include labour and materials
  • We will perform all work efficiently and on schedule
  • We provide a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship
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